Nutrition Challenge

Okay guys. Here it is…

The Kratos Nutrition Challenge! This is going to be a 60 Day Challenge!

Athletes can choose to follow either a strict Zone Diet, or a strict Paleo Diet. Support groups will be made for both teams and we will have a few resources at the gym to help you out (including our coach’s brains).

During the first few days of this week we will be weighing in and taking waist measurements. Tuesdays workout will be a special series of workouts designed to test your strength, endurance and love for all movements CrossFit. You must do this workout this week so we have a clean baseline for your current fitness level. If you miss the workout on Tuesday you can make it up later this week.

Throughout the challenge we will be posting a full-day recipe plan for both the Zone diet and Paleo diet once a week to help athletes see how easy (and delicious) it is to eat for a healthy lifestyle.

What is Zone?

The Zone Diet is essentially just about learning how to control your portion sizes. Our goal is to put together perfectly balanced meals that help to promote maximum health and performance. Zone is a diet that tells you HOW MUCH you can eat.

What does this mean to you? Maximum fat loss along with lean muscle mass. What’s the secret behind the Zone diet? Using your food as a drug. Yes, we said it. The D-word. When you digest food your body has a natural metabolic response that releases hormones based on which nutrients you ate. What’s the most popular hormone that is widely out of control in most metabolic diseases that YOU can control with what you eat? Insulin.

The benefits of the Zone are almost immediate. What can the Zone do for you?

  • Think Better
  • Perform Better
  • Look Better
  • Feel Better

Our main goal on the Zone diet is to eat to appropriate portions about 5 times a day, and never go more than 5 hours without a meal. If you goof on a meal, don’t worry about it. The Zone diet is guilt free. Just make your next meal Zone to get back to where you need to be. Similar to the Paleo diet you want to focus on healthy food sources (i.e. fruits & veggies over bread, pasta, starches and sugars).

Here is a calculator to help you figure out how many blocks you should be eating a day. Enter your weight and your estimated Body Fat%. If you don’t know your BF just put in 12-15%. If you’re looking to lose a few pounds, put your activity level to Light to Medium – 2-3x a week. If you’re already in shape and would like to see some big gains use the Medium to Hard categories.

Zone Prescription Calculator

If you’d like to know more about the Zone Diet don’t hesitate to ask!

What is Paleo?

Essentially, the Paleo Diet is simply eating the foods we ate before the dawn of agriculture. This means no grains, no dairy, no processed foods or sugars, no legumes (beans), no starches (potatoes), and no alcohol. Paleo is a diet that tells you WHAT you can eat. You CAN eat lean meat, fruits and vegetables, and healthy fats (nuts, seeds, avocados, olive oil, fish oil).

Many of the foods that we eat today require the processing methods of modern day agriculture to make them easily digestable. Think about eating raw grains, raw potatoes, raw beans. They all sound great… cooked. It’s not surprising to find out that most of these foods do not align well with our goals of maximizing health & performance.

If you’re curious about eating Paleo don’t hesitate to ask us for more information or recipe ideas!

Coming in July!

CrossFit Kratos is proud to announce new changes to the gym coming in July.

Friends & Family Beach WOD
On Saturday July 20th we are starting our annual Pre-CrossFit Games beach WOD. Come join us at the beach for a fun team workout at 10am and a potluck BBQ afterwards. Bring your friends, bring your family. No CrossFit experience required. Just bring a smile, a towel, and some meats or veggies. Guaranteed to be fun for the whole family!

Kratos Barbell Club
CrossFit Kratos is in the process of becoming an official USA Weightlifting Club. This means Kratos Barbell Club is our new dedicated Olympic Weightlifting program here at CrossFit Kratos. Check our schedule for class times. Your current CrossFit membership does not pay for access to the Kratos Barbell Club program, but it does give you a major discount. This will be an open gym time for any athlete to access our gym and our two USA Weightlifting Level 1 Sports Performance Coaches JD, and Jen. Enrollment in this course gives you an initial assement, hands-on training and a personalized program to make sure you excel in your lifting. Anyone can sign up for this course. No CrossFit membership required, but membership to one gives a discount to the other.

Punch Cards
CrossFit Kratos is now offering punch cards for 10 drop-in sessions. If you work in Riverside and WOD somewhere else but can’t make it home in time, use one of these bad boys to drop in and workout with the Kratos crew. 10 Classes for $100. Military / students / teachers / fire / police receive a 15% discount. Current membership at another gym or completion of our Foundations course required.

Foundations Course
Speaking of Foundations Courses… We are now offering a 2-week, 6-class Foundations Course for our new members who have no CrossFit experience. Class times will be offered in the mornings and afternoons of Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Check our schedule for more time information. This is going to be a great way for people to come check out CrossFit and see everything we have to offer with 10 minute break-out sessions at the end to discuss the more intellectual side of CrossFit and answer any questions you may have. We’ve been doing CrossFit for years and we’re excited just to teach this course!

New Check-In System
CrossFit Kratos will be transitioning to a new membership management system this month. Current members will be receiving emails from us in the coming weeks explaining the new system and giving them access to their accounts. This system allows us to let members enroll in classes from their computers or their smart-phones. You can also purchase any of our membership plans or merchandise straight from your phone and charge it to your account. We will be placing a cap limit on our class sizes pretty soon so it will be necessary for everyone to check-in for classes they are going to be attending. This new system will make enrolling in a class a breeze.

Email, call, or talk to us in the gym if you have any questions!