90 Day Nutrition Challenge

It’s that time of year again! As we finish our holiday eating and the days being to get longer it’s time to start spending those extra minutes on learning about what we eat. Remember, the base of the fitness pyramid is Nutrition and layer above that is metabolic conditioning. You wouldn’t put soda into your car and then take it for a spin around the race-track, would you?

Starting January 19th CrossFit Kratos will be hosting a 90 Day Nutrition Challenge (that’s right, 90 freaking days) to help you get your eating habits back on track. Our goals for this challenge are to begin to eat cleaner to improve our performance in the gym. Can anyone guess what the best side-effect of performing better in the gym (and the real world) is? That’s right, the addition of lean muscle-mass and that special, special goal of fat-loss.

If you’ve been working out for more than a few months now and haven’t seen any positive changes in the way you look or feel, it’s time to start re-thinking what you are eating.

Find a flier about our upcoming Nutrition challenge here.

We will be having weekly weigh-ins and measurements to keep us accountable. There will also be meetings throughout the challenge to get together and discuss what is (and isn’t) working well for all of you. These meetings will also be great places to share recipes and stay motivated.

Our coaches are here to help inform and motivate you through this big change, and we are looking forward to seeing a whole bunch of healthy & fit faces in April.


We’d just like to take this time to thank our athletes for putting on an amazing display of strength and determination this weekend at the California Affiliate League competition. You all made us very proud to have you wearing our shield and can’t wait to see what else you in store for us in the future!